4 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates


How should you publish social media updates? This question is as old as the term ‘social media marketing.’ As much as both start-ups and giant businesses focus on harnessing the power of social media to drive their sales, they should understand that how social media updates get published has a significant impact on the effectiveness of this marketing strategy.

In this era of rapidly advancing technology, even expert social media marketers might find it difficult to keep up with the growing demand for fresh and captivating social media posts. Here are some new, exciting ways to deliver your social media posts to your customers and prospects and maintain customer engagement.

Use attention-grabbing quotes

It goes without a saying that quotes are trendy and a popular on many social media platforms. Besides, there are tons of websites that show different quotes. You can always find many excellent and eye-catching quotes that are relevant to your business. Designing quote images that are visually appealing and can connect with the readers is also a great idea.

Celebrate your business milestones

Has it been a couple of years or decades since the inception of your business? Or have you hired a new employee? Have you initiated or completed a major project in your business? Sharing your business accomplishments with your fans and followers is a great way of creating catchy social media content. They will celebrate with you. Note that showing your human side a great way of creating a stronger relationship with your customers and prospects as well.

Company achievements with excellent images such as behind the scenes images are also a great way of posting on social media platforms. For instance, if you’re celebrating your company anniversary, you can share the photographs you took during the party. If you hired a new permanent employee, you could share the employee’s photo and a short bio on your business social media account timeline.

Use contests and promotions

Nothing gets big audience involvement than promotions and contests. This is a great opportunity to encourage followers, fans, and prospects to share your social media content, your business’s social media profile, and other links associated with your business. Keep in mind that it’s advisable to read and understand the terms and conditions regarding each social media channel before hosting such events on social media. Remember, most social media channels have specific rules that you must follow when hosting an event. Or else your post might get taken down.

Help your audience by answering questions

Check out for questions or problems relevant to your industry particularly your products and services on social media. You can set up some basic social media monitoring to track keywords related to your business and competitors. It’s wise to tread lightly as you offer answers to questions and concerns on social media. Your answers should be personable and less of the sales tone. If you’re providing answers to a question that didn’t tag you, but it’s related to your business, avoid pushing your audience into conversations with pushy adverts.

These creative ways of posting on social media will enhance your social media marketing returns.

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