Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017


Each day, marketers pursue the best possible ways to enhance their business and strategies to achieve their marketing goals. In 2017, social media marketing has had several changes which have been embraced globally.

Video Content

Video editing has expanded its wings and has taken the internet at a neck-breaking speed. Social networking sites are have established new features that encourage video content to meet the expectations of their clients. In 2015 and 2016 alone, Facebook has launched life stage and 360-video which is a video-centric application for teenagers. Instagram has introduced stories and one minute videos that thousands of its subscribers are using. If you want to know how the quality of videos will appear, you can start with animated videos.

ChatBots for Better CRM

For any business to be successful, incorporating the use of customer relationship management (CRM) is imperative. It is in CRM where social media boosts any business by making real-time engagement with the customer through chatbots. Telegram and vine have launched bots on their platform, and recently Facebook also announced using of bots on messenger and so far there are over 12,000 bots that have been created on the platform.

Mobile phones

Social media and smartphones are a perfect amalgamation since the number of people using mobile phones has increased in recent years. A study which was carried out last year revealed that over 2 billion people use smartphones globally. A majority of social media networks launched networks that work well on all their mobile applications. At a recent conference, Google stated that they give priority to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) hence bloggers or marketers who want more traffic on their websites should use AMP.

Personalized content

When using these services, you need to know social media marketing can be customized or used for paid content. For business purposes, social media paid content is significant as you will be better placed in reaching a wide range of customers. A personalized touch in the marketing is also crucial as it will help users be intrigued towards your services, enabling you to get a lot of recommendations.


In the dynamic business world, you need to be better placed to reach a wider audience and enhance your advertisements for people to remember. Social media marketing is the new trend and asserting yourself to providing better services than your peers is the way to go.

Latest Network Trends

Each new dawn comes with a better social media platform, and as a marketer, it is vital to keep updated with the latest trends. Enterprises are putting advertisements on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Cyber Dust, Whisper, among others. These platforms are growing fast, and a majority of entrepreneurs are using them.


An influencer is a better way of enhancing a business that is taking the business world by storm. It involves a group of people who can influence the decisions of a specific audience. Influencers combined with video marketing leads to getting individuals on YouTube. They will do their best to endorse your products and services to their audience and convince them to get them too.

In 2017, the high platforms for social media marketing will be trending across all boards of the business world. When using video content consider some things like live streaming to enhance user engagement. The trends have created a buzz hence it is important to maximize on what they can offer. Getting personal with your audience will help you to engage more with people in the industry. At the moment social media is all about an individual as compared to technology. Be up to date on the significant platforms that can help grow your business.

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