About Us


How we started off

Started off as freelancers, the team behind social media marketing specializes in all the major social media platforms used worldwide – from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. As the usage and demand for social media increases, the team gathered to provide social media marketing consultation and services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).


Industries we have served

As we follow the latest trends and changes closely in social media, social media is definitely here to stay. With billions of active users worldwide, it is crucial for businesses to find presence online. The team has worked on an extensive scope of industry – ranging from F&B, Electronics, Fashion and Education businesses.


We help to stay connected

With a team of strong IT and marketing background, our work evolved around different platforms and communications to suit to our client’s needs and availability. We make use of the available platforms from Google Hangout, Skype and TeamViewer to ensure ease of communications should clients are not available for a personal meetup.


We are data oriented

Other than services, data insights and trends will be shared during initial and follow-up consultations to ensure clients are on the right track on implementing the marketing strategies. The team strongly believe in social media marketing and its benefits for businesses at present and in the upcoming years.