LinkedIn Marketing


What is LinkedIn marketing?

As unbelievable as it might sound, majority of internet marketers have always channeled their energy towards Facebook marketing while giving little attention to LinkedIn as an emerging force to reckon with in internet marketing. As of last year, LinkedIn had over 390 million professional users. LinkedIn marketing as the name denotes refers to the use of the LinkedIn platform to market a business’s products and services. It is the most rarely used platform by most internet marketers but of course one of the most portent if the users on LinkedIn are anything to go by. A great number of companies are using the LinkedIn social networking platform to do the following:

  • Market products and services
  • Find potential employees
  • Find potential clients

On that front alone, LinkedIn proves to be more potent than the other social networking sites going by the variety of things you can accomplish through the platform. LinkedIn marketing has turned full cycle and marketing through its platform is no longer the exception but essential.


Why choose LinkedIn?

If you own a business and seeking to reach a wider audience, you probably have asked yourself that question. Chances are that you are wondering whether you should go full circle with LinkedIn marketing or not. Well, to help make your decision easier, we are going to shed light on some of the reasons why you should choose LinkedIn to market your business.

  • Opportunity to link with a professional group

LinkedIn is a social networking site full of professionals seeking to develop partnerships and business opportunities. Most of the conversations that take place at LinkedIn are geared towards fostering business partnerships. The people on this particular site are more serious and are likely to be genuinely interested in the product or service you are selling.

  • LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are perhaps the most powerful aspect or tool on LinkedIn. This tool accords you an opportunity to join a group that is specific to your niche and connecting with prospective clients, employees as well as customers. It is not a miss or hit as you get an opportunity to pitch your business to a niche that understands what your business is all about. By connecting with the right people who share a common goal and interest, you are essentially setting up your business to go to the next level.

  • Connect with an even bigger number of people

LinkedIn users have doubled up in size over the past few years hence according you an opportunity to connect with twice as many people. Professionals are trooping to LinkedIn for employment opportunities, linking up with prospective partners and generating leads. It is the perfect platform to market your business to a group of people who know what they want and who if handled the right way can take your business to the next level.

  • Gain insights

LinkedIn offers you a perfect opportunity to listen to your prospective customers, ask any questions you might be having and get insights which by all means is the very reason for social media marketing.


How LinkedIn marketing works

There is no denying that LinkedIn is the perfect platform for business to business networking. However, in order for LinkedIn marketing to work, you need to first spruce up your LinkedIn profile. Post status updates that you believe will be useful to your connections. Secondly, you could syndicate your blog posts to your profile as well as link your twitter tweets to your LinkedIn profile. After you’ve taken measures to spruce up your profile, make use of LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn answers as well as company pages to connect with potential clients. LinkedIn groups are a powerful tool through which you can effectively market to people who identify with your business and interests.


Advantages of LinkedIn marketing

If you haven’t thought of using LinkedIn marketing, here are a few reasons why you should take the plunge.

  • LinkedIn marketing helps to build credibility for your business
  • It is instrumental to expand network and build brand awareness
  • LinkedIn offers you an opportunity to create a digital business card for your business
  • It is the perfect platform to provide with several social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook and even Google plus hence improving your virtual presence.