Twitter Marketing


What is Twitter marketing?

Twitter is a social networking site that has been christened a “micro blog” due to the fact that thoughts, comments and updates are restricted to 140 characters. It is a perfect way to connect with users who follow you and market your business. With the right strategies and tips, turning 140 characters into internet marketing gold is a reality. With over 250 million monthly active users, Twitter marketing has never been a better hunting ground for marketers seeking to attract and reach a wider customer base.

A lot of internet marketers are now shifting their focus on Twitter as the perfect platform to reach a young audience. The young generation have in the last few years shifted their allegiance to Twitter. Marketers simply could not ignore the potential that this presents especially to business dealings in products and services targeted for the younger generation.


Why choose Twitter?

Whether you are based in Singapore or other countries, there are a myriad of reasons as to why you should use Twitter as a marketing platform for your business. If you own a business and does not have a presence on Twitter, you are already missing out a lot. So why should you choose Twitter as a marketing platform for your business?

  • Branding

The biggest mistake most small businesses make is having the impression that Twitter is for the bigger brands such as Starbucks, Dell, Nike and the like. This is fallacious as even an average business can use Twitter to brand themselves and extensively market their products and services.

  • Connection with customers

Since the bulk of your customers are already on Twitter, there is no reason why you should not be on it. There are people who have become addicted to twitter that they get themselves logged in the very first thing in the morning.

  • Free marketing

Twitter as a platform gives you the opportunity to market your products and services at no cost. If you are running your Twitter marketing campaign, you don’t need pay a dime unless you hire someone to do it on your behalf. All the same, so long as you’ve branded your business, it’s an expensive form of marketing.

  • Viral nature of Twitter

A simple tweet could be retweeted so many times and the use of hash tags could make your business brand go viral. You simply need to work on viral tweets that can be retweeted multiple times and you are good to go. Of cause the secret is in tweeting posts that appeal to your followers.

  • Spying on competition

Through Twitter, you get to read on what your customers are up to. This allows you to adjust your strategy to achieve a competitive edge. The beauty about this is that it is completely free!

  • Increased sales and engagement

Using Twitter in the right way makes it easy for you to increase engagement with your prospective and existing customers, helping in increasing your sales. You simply need to understand what your customers want, address any problems that arise and take into consideration customers’ feedback.


How Twitter marketing works

The secret is in creating an optimized Twitter bio and tweeting relevant tweets to your target customers regularly. Ensure you track mentions and never shy away from responding. Twitter marketing starts with you signing up, optimizing your Twitter bio, finding out who the influencers and experts are in your targeted niche, tweeting relevant stuff regularly, tracking mentions, offering discounts and announcing promotions, making use of hash tags to reach an even wider audience, responding to customer feedback, using promoted tweets, retweeting, using of videos and images. The marketing cannot be effective if you don’t utilize all the aforementioned.


Advantages of Twitter marketing

There are a number of benefits that entrepreneurs stand to benefit from using Twitter to market their businesses.

  1. Brand awareness. Twitter exposes your business brand and increases its visibility
  2. Twitter makes it simple and easy for you to engage and interact with your customers
  3. Online reputation management. A business can make use of Twitter to get to know what customers are saying about their business
  4. Through Twitter you can promote content on your business’ website.
  5. Twitter is instrumental in helping you gain competitive intelligence. You get to keep track of what your competition is up to.
  6. You can use Twitter as a launching pad of a new product or service