Why Us

As social media marketing specialists, here are the top 5 reasons why we are in to stay:

We are practitioners

We do not provide services and consultations unless we practice them. With our strong passion and extensive experience in accepting projects from different industries, we are confident to deliver. We cover Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and also Youtube Marketing.


Competitor Analysis

As crucial as it sounds, we track our client’s competitors’ activity closely and analyzing their marketing trends. Instead of implementing the same strategy, we aim to deliver better and more quality marketing strategy for our clients.


Making use of technology

Through our clients’ packed schedule, we help to ease communications by providing alternative communication by using the available software or applications like Google Hangout, Skype, and TeamViewer.


Monthly Report

Implementing strategies without tracking is redundant. We provide monthly report complete with data trends and related statistics to help our client better view their performance. The team will also be suggesting on measures to take in order to proceed.


Flexible package service and consultations

We have no fixed and rigid price for our service and consultations. Other than a few fixed fee cap at the minimum, the rest are open for discussions. Enjoy up to 2 free consultations for other social media platform if you signed up for one of our services.

So why wait, contact us today and be flooded with leads to your website!