YouTube Marketing


What is YouTube marketing?

YouTube marketing refers to an entrepreneur marketing their business by using YouTube as a channel. It is basically marketing one’s business using YouTube as a medium. There is a reason as to why most businesses are resorting to use YouTube to market their products alone. As of now, there are more than 1 billion people that use YouTube. In 2014 alone, the estimated YouTube revenue was 4 billion US dollars while over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube in any single day.

Add to that the fact that over 6 billion of hours are watched on YouTube monthly and you get to understand why YouTube marketing is now a rule for many businesses rather than an exception. Most people prefer watching an interesting and informative video as opposed to reading over a block of text. An average human being has a short attention span and this explains why short YouTube videos have many views as compared to long videos. Ever since this discovery came to the fore, businesses from all over the globe have embarked on creating YouTube videos as a means of reaching a wider customer base and increasing conversions.


Why choose YouTube marketing?

What is irrefutable is the fact that we cannot undermine the power of video marketing. Done right, YouTube marketing has the highest conversion rates and could be the difference between a successful business entity and one that fails due of poor strategies. A viral YouTube video is all you need to change the fortunes of your business and have your product and service on the lips of everyone. Are you still skeptical why you should choose YouTube marketing over other forms of marketing? If that’s the case, then the following reasons should be able to change your perception.

  • Statistics from Alexa, recently mentioned that YouTube is the third most single visited website after Google and Facebook. This alone should have internet marketers fighting to establish the presence of their businesses on YouTube. With that much traffic, the potential to reach as many customers as possible is limitless.
  • The number of videos viewed on YouTube on any single day is more than 2 billion. With the right video out there for your business, achieving a competitive edge shouldn’t be a problem.
  • 10% of the global internet users check YouTube for various videos every single day. That translates to one in every ten internet users who visits the YouTube channel.
  • Every single second that lapses, ten YouTube videos are uploaded.
  • The average internet user spends an amazing 900 seconds watching YouTube videos daily.


How YouTube marketing works

YouTube as we know began in the year 2005 and has today morphed to become the second largest search engine behind Google. If the stats mentioned above are anything to go by, YouTube marketing should be on the radar of every serious internet marketer. But how does YouTube work and how is it instrumental for marketing initiatives?

YouTube videos provide businesses with simple ways which they can store and share videos online with ease. YouTube videos can be easily shared through various social media networks such as Facebook, Google +, twitter and may more. The videos can also be shared through websites or email hence making YouTube marketing very potent form of internet marketing. When you click a YouTube video, you will get a suggested video at the end of it which is a great way to promote videos covering the same niche. The YouTube analytics is also another important tool that helps marketers to track how well the business videos have performed. The YouTube analytics tracks views, source of traffic for videos, the countries your video received most views from and the different types of people who are watching your videos.

YouTube channels are also an effective form of marketing for a business as it can bring together all videos in a single channel, and customizing it with your business’ pictures, video description and contact details. Last but not least, YouTube marketing works through YouTube advertising which essentially makes it simple for businesses to promote their videos to a certain group of interested individuals. As an internet marketer, you choose the format in which your ads will appear, the locations you wish the ad to appear as well as how much you are willing to pay per view.


Advantages of YouTube marketing

  1. It serves to boost a business’s search engine ranking
  2. It provides a platform for viral marketing
  3. You get an opportunity to grow your content worldwide hence increasing brand awareness
  4. You can easily repurpose YouTube content without investing an arm and a leg or spending a lot of time
  5. YouTube marketing is instrumental in helping you build your emailing list
  6. You get an opportunity to make money through ad sense for video